insta: @anticools

insta: @anticools
Throwback Thursday!
A picture from…..2008!

X-mansion 2.0 basically the same except I think it’s a study smaller. Should have taken better pictures before the move.


WAY overdue art colab with tomturbo17. She did the inks and I did the colors.

Text by SolStock

Everybody like this!


I was tagged by twbasketcase!

01. What’s your name? — Turbo! No, it’s Andrea.
02. When’s your birthday? — Apr 29 
03. Where are you from? — Eastern PA
04. Do you have a crush? — My girlfriend (but she says I don’t have to have a crush on her because I live with her)
05. What’s your favorite color? — Orange!
06. Write something in all caps? — NO. WHY?
07. Have you got a favorite band/artist? — Marina and the Diamonds is pretty high up there.
08. Favorite number? — 4.  17. 
09. Favorite drink? —  Coke.

I tag…..puppy! And Al! And blue tiger! And you!

So, uh, a thing I learned about myself today is….I have a lot of comics. Not pictured here, my run of the original x-force, more x-men, whatever is left at my parents house, and a couple more shoeboxes in the closet. And a lot of DC. Anyone want to buy some Batman?




Colab between tomturbo17 and I. She did the inks and I’m doing color. :D

You guys, you guys, seriously……this is so good! We need to sell prints!